Wine by the Glass – Your Best Liquid Asset  

Wine by the Glass – Your Best Liquid Asset



The recession and the on-trade…

Lower customer spending, resulting in decreasing revenues / profits, coupled with increasing pressure from competitors, means trading conditions will undoubtedly get tougher for operators. One category stands above all others as an unwavering revenue Eternal Vino stream…’wine by the glass.’

British wine drinkers are not drinking less volume but they are looking for the best possible deals. This highlights the importance of getting your wine offer right.

Here are a few ways to increase business with Le Verre de Vin & ‘wine by the glass’:

  1. Delight your customers and you will keep them – Be sure not to limit your offer to low end products. Offer an extended ‘by the glass’ range, keep it fresh and flexible to appeal to more peoples tastes…keep them interested. If you’re not offering it, your competitors might well be! Consumers belts are tightening, so when they spend their money make sure they come to you.
  2. Innovate – Now is the time to appeal to your customers’ tastes and ensure they give you their business. Extend your ‘by the glass’ offer – why not launch sparkling ‘wine by the glass’? – introduce food and wine matching – These WILL increase wine sales!
  3. Promote the service – step up marketing activity; you need to boost sales and make customers aware of your new and exciting ‘by the glass’ offer. Most importantly don’t jeopardize your profits by offering a limited, poor quality ‘by the glass’ service – remember…it’s your best liquid asset!