Why is Your Electric Bill So High?

Why is Your Electric Bill So High?



How high was your electric bill this month? If you suddenly find your bill has spiked recently, you have to find out why it is so high. If the bill is normal all the while, it may be high all the while without you aware about it. To figure out why your Mepco Bills Online is so high, you have to find the figure for normal usage. Even though the electric usage is at normal level, it does not mean good. Probably it can even further reduce to save cost.

  1. Find out your electricity usage of the month

One of the reasons that your electricity bill spiked may cause by the increase of usage. Look at your old bills and see how much your electrical bill has gone up. Don’t look at the cost; instead, compare the usage figure in kWh. If the latest kWh is in record high, probably you have installed new home appliances or you have used more power than before due to certain reason such as birthday party or Christmas celebration.

  1. The price of electricity went up

If you see the usage in term of kWh is about the same, but the price per unit has increased, then the answer as to why it is on your bill. Or, you have charged for additional cost for other city services besides the electricity.

  1. You have been overcharged

So, if you can’t find a reason why you electric bill is so high recently, then take a look at the meter and compares with the bill, make sure the bill you received is accurate. Sometimes, due to human mistake of error reading the electricity meter, you may be overcharged for the extra usage. For example, you found out your recent usage is 1000kWh, but your past record showed that the average usage is 100kWh. Something must go wrong. Check start and end reading stated on your bill and compare with the meter reading, probably they read it wrong. If so, you should get the refund from the utility.

  1. Verify to make sure meter is not running gratuitously

Besides the human reading error, you may also be overcharged due to the faulty meter. The meter may go crazy and keep running even though there is no electricity usage. To check it, shut off all the breakers and see whether the meter still spinning. If it does, then the meter is broken. Although it unusual, but if it happens, quickly informs the utility to change a new meter. At the same time, you might want to record the proof of over charges and get your money refunded.

  1. Find out why your usage is higher than the standard

Your electricity usage may seem normal, but when comparing to average household usage (with average 850kWh for American households), then it might too high. What makes you pay higher electric bill? Unless you want to continuous paying the high price bills, else you might want to find out the root cause of high electricity usage. It may cause by one of home appliances that designed without energy saving features. You might want consider changing it for long-term electricity cost saving.