US stocks three major index closing the price of noble metal plates

US stock three index closing, no one, noble metal plate, the gains, beforehand

[US stocks three major index closed up, no precious metal plates rose, home, Finance, February 17, US stock threeThe big index closed down, and the road fell by 0.15%, and the S \u0026 P 500 index rose 0.09%, and Sheet Metal Stamping the nation decreased by 0.11%, and the precious metal sector gains.Barrick gold has increased by 7%, Hamoni gold has increased by 5%.Technology stocks have fallen, AMD has fallen over 3%, Facebook, Nai Fei fell over 2%, Amazon rose more than 1%.Online education, WSB concept stocks have fallen before, in the future, Clover Health has fallen over 4%.The stocks in the popular situation have fallen, dripping, 哩 哩 哩 超 1%, Xiaopeng cars fell over 2%, spent a lot, ideal car fell over 1%.