Sunglasses for Both Men and Women – Top 5 Brands Review

Sunglasses for Both Men and Women – Top 5 Brands Review


Sunglasses for both men and women are one of the hot accessories these days. Since ages, sunglasses have been used and prescribed Men and Women Apparel  for protection for our eyes against the strong U/V rays of the sun. These days, sunglasses are must haves and considered as an element of fashion.

Sunglasses can be a classic gift for anyone and will add style and elegance to ones attire. Getting the right sunglasses can be quite tricky and one requires being judgmental to pick the right one for your loved one. For those hunting for chic and sophisticated brand of sunglasses for both men and women, here are a list of top 5 brands in the world to help choose from:

Top 5

Ray Ban – A Bausch and Lomb product, founded in 1937 is an Italian make. Ray Ban being one the largest manufactures of sunglasses in the US, a popular brand delivering high quality frames of various shapes and unusual prints. Their high-tech lab promises of tough, flexible, comfortable and innovative products. One can choose from their wide ranges of colored lens or from their Legends collection.

OAKLEY – Having founded in 1975 with Head quarters in South California, it’s one of the largest manufacturers of sports wear sunglasses and goggles and other apparels. Their sportswear is trendy and great for sports and outdoor trips for both men and women. Their products are adorned by popular athletes and have made their mark for high quality and durable sunglasses and goggles.

PRADA – Founded by Mario Prada in 1913 in Milano- Italy, where fashion shows and PRADA products such as luxury handbags, eyewear, footwear and apparels go hand in hand. Sunglasses of PRADA are high in quality and acquiring one is considered a fashion status. An expensive brand- but anyone who loves to indulge in luxury, price may not be an issue.

How to select the right sunglasses?

Having decided on a brand, we need to consider a few points whilst choosing the sunglasses for both men and women. The right fit-sunglasses that don’t fit well may look clumsy and awkward; therefore it’s essential to try the fit. While some shades and frames look good in the store, we must ensure it complements our facial complexion and our facial structure. Also check out some polarized lens which will give high protection against sun’s rays and can be used anytime.