Cost Estimator Jobs – Are You Interested in a Career in Cost  

Cost Estimator Jobs – Are You Interested in a Career in Cost  

Cost estimators are responsible for estimating the costs that a business will incur when working on a project or when a company needs to make a bid on a contract. They will determine if a business or construction project will be profitable, taking into account Construction estimation various costs which can include labor, raw materials, location, and administration costs.

Employee responsibilities will vary depending on the industry, and a construction cost estimator will review blueprints, estimating how much the project is worth, and then they will submit a bid. Sometimes they will visit the job site in order to get a better understanding of the expenses that will be entailed by the job.

When working in manufacturing, an estimator would determine costs that are associated with creating products, usually working with engineers in order to develop cost effective products. In the manufacturing industry, the estimator will use cost reduction curves in order to determine the total expenses that the fabrication and tool design of a particular product will entail.

The working conditions for these professionals can be dirty and hazardous, especially for those working on a construction site. Cost estimators will usually work 40 hours a week, but their job usually includes overtime, and they may have to work under extreme pressure in order to meet deadlines for a project bid.

Most construction employers prefer to hire those individuals who have at least a bachelor’s degree in fields such as construction management, and employers in manufacturing prefer that they have a degree in statistics or engineering.